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Armor のリスト英語

Call of the Crystal

se161Hero ArmorNova Infusion653At the start of each of your turns while Nova Infusion is in play, your hero has all enemy attachments and negative effects removed, and takes 1 fire damage.R400
se162Hero ArmorSnow Sapphire642When a hero or ally attacks your hero, that hero or ally is frozen (it can't attack, defend or use abilities) until the end of its controller's next turn.R460
se163Hero ArmorViolet Thunderstorm642When a hero or ally attacks your hero, that hero or ally takes 1 electrical damage.R450
se164Hero ArmorArmor of Ages666Your hero can't attack or defend while Armor of Ages is in play.R650
se165Hero ArmorThe King's Pride752Friendly allies have +2 attack and +1 health while The King's Pride is in play.R670
se166Hero ArmorNight Prowler511When your hero deals combat damage to an opposing hero while Night Prowler is in play, take 1 card from that hero's owner's hand at random.R420
se167Hero ArmorWrath of the Forest441When a friendly ally is killed while Wrath of the Forest is in play, draw a card.R400
se168Hero ArmorCrimson Vest642When an opposing ally is killed while Crimson Vest is in play, your hero heals 2 damage.R420
se169Hero ArmorGravedigger's Cloak4312SE: Target opposing player has a random card from their graveyard placed into your hand.R410
se170Hero ArmorCobraskin Wraps431When Cobraskin Wraps is summoned, all players remove 1 resource from play and you draw a card.R400
se171Hero ArmorBlack Garb321When an ally deals combat damage to your hero while Black Garb is in play, that ally is killed.
se172Hero ArmorDome of Energy322When an ally damages your hero while Dome of Energy is in play, that ally loses 1 base attack.
se173Hero ArmorPlate Armor3221SE: Target friendly ally gains +1 health.
se174Hero ArmorMoonlight Bracers322When Moonlight Bracers is destroyed, if you have a weapon in play it gains +1 durability.
se175Hero ArmorMocking Armor624Your hero has protector (allies without protector can't be targeted) while Mocking Armor is in play.
se176Hero ArmorLegion United532Friendly allies take 2 less damage from abilities while Legion United is in play.
se177Hero ArmorTwice Enchanted Robe523When your hero takes damage while Twice Enchanted Robe is in play, draw a card if your deck is not empty.
se178Hero ArmorShadow Armor642When an opposing ally is killed while Shadow Armor is in play, your hero gains +1 shadow energy and takes 2 damage.
se179Hero ArmorCrescendo661At the start of each of your turns, Crescendo gains +1 defense. At the end of your turn, if Crescendo has 5 defense, it is destroyed and all opposing allies are killed.
se180Hero ArmorSpelleater Bands651Your hero takes no damage from abilities while Spelleater Bands is in play.

Dark Prophecies

ex131MageBlazing Shield310While your hero has 2 or more shadow energy, Blazing Shield does not suffer durability loss, ice damage to your hero is reduced by 1, and allies that attack your hero are set ablaze.U200
ex132Rogue, WulvenStorm Coat331While Storm Coat is in play, support abilities can't prevent friendly allies from attacking.U200
ex133WarriorPunisher's Gauntlets5423SE: Target opposing ally has its base attack reduced to 0.R500
ex134Priest, ElementalBreastplate of Vitality431Allies you control have +2 health while Breastplate of Vitality is in play.R500
ex135Hunter, RogueCloak of Obscurity4412SE: Target friendly ally gains stealth and ambush until the start of your next turn.R500
ex136ElementalMorphic Armor5323SE: Target attachment is moved to a new valid target, as if played from your hand at no cost.E800
ex137HunterPride of the Mountain441When an opposing ally is killed in combat while Pride of the Mountain is in play, you draw a card.R500
ex138PriestCelestial Armor5332SE: Target friendly ally takes no damage and can't be killed until the start of your next turn or Celestial Armor is destroyed.E800
ex139WarriorRothem's Visage753Rothem's Visage gains 1 durability to a maximum of 5 when your hero gains shadow energy, and deals 5 damage to your hero when it is destroyed. 2SE: All friendly allies that enter play this turn gain haste.E800
ex140MageLoest's Burden742At the start of each of your turns, your hero takes 1 damage. When an opponent uses shadow energy, you draw 2 cards. 0SE: Your hero takes 2 damage and you draw 2 cards.E800

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