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Elemental のリスト英語

Call of the Crystal

se121Elemental AbilityEnergy Discharge5Target friendly ally that can be damaged is killed. All opposing allies are killed, and your hero takes 5 damage.U200
se122Elemental AbilityConversion2Target friendly ally that can be damaged is killed, and your hero heals damage equal to that ally's health.C100
se123Elemental AbilitySoul Reaper3Remove all ally cards in your graveyard from the game. Your hero heals 2 damage for each card removed.C100
se124Elemental AllySpark111Spark has +1 attack and +1 health for every other friendly Spark in play.C150
se125Elemental AbilityTransference2Draw a card from target opponent's deck.C100
se126Elemental AbilityMind Control5Target opposing ally attacks its hero if it is able to, and then is killed.U300
se127Elemental AbilityFeedback3All of your used resources are renewed.C100
se128Elemental Item - ArtifactShard of Power3Your allies have +2 attack and a maximum of 1 health while Shard of Power is in play.C100
se129Elemental Ability - AttachmentLife Infusion2Target friendly ally has +5 health while Life Infusion is attached.C100
se130Elemental AbilityEternal Renewal5Shuffle the cards in your graveyard into your deck. Remove Eternal Renewal from the game.U200

Dark Prophecies

ex091Elemental AllyFlare213While there is another Elemental ally in play, Flare costs 1 less resource to summon and it has +1 attack.C100
ex092Elemental Item - ArtifactInfinity Core22: Target ally in your graveyard is shuffled into your deck, and your hero heals 2 damage.C100
ex093Elemental AbilitySynchronicity2Target friendly ally is moved to the top of its owner's deck and target opposing ally of the same cost or lower is moved to the top of its owner's deck.C100
ex094Elemental Item - ArtifactAntimatter23: Draw 2 cards and discard one of them.C100
ex095Elemental AllyXar Modulator4260: If Xar Modulator bears no attachments, target ally attachment in your graveyard is attached to Xar Modulator.U200
ex096Elemental AllyZantonite334Zantonite's health is unaffected by cards with shard in the name. 0: Target artifact you control is destroyed and Zantonite gains +1 base attack and +1 health.C100
ex097Elemental Ability - AttachmentSuper Focus4While Super Focus is attached to your hero and you only have one ally in play, that ally has +2 attack and is immune to enemy attachments.U200
ex098Elemental Ability - SupportInterference4Your hero gains shadow energy to match the highest shadow energy of opposing heroes. Opposing heroes can't activate their ability until the start of your next turn.U200
ex099Elemental Ability - AttachmentTemporal Disturbance4While Temporal Disturbance is attached to your hero, each time a player ends their turn with shadow energy stored, the top card of their deck is discarded.C100
ex100Elemental AllyCrystal Titan555When Crystal Titan kills an ally, your hero gains 1 shadow energy.R500

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