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se001HeroHumanWarriorBoris Skullcrusher30[4]: Destroy target ally with cost 4 or less.
se002HeroHumanWarriorAmber Rain30[3]: Target weapon permanently gains +2 attack, but may not gain any other bonus.
se003HeroHumanHunterVictor Heartstriker28[4]: Reduce target ally to 1 health. Return the top Hunter card from your graveyard to your hand.
se004HeroHumanHunterGwenneth Truesight28[3]: Until your next turn, your weapons gain +2 attack and do not suffer durability loss.
se005HeroHumanMageNishaven26[5]: Deal 4 damage to all allies on both sides.
se006HeroHumanMageEladwen Frostmire26[4]: Deal 4 damage to target allyor Hero.
se007HeroHumanPriestJericho Spellbane26[3]: Destroy target attached effect. Jericho heals 2 damage.
se008HeroHumanPriestZhanna Mist26[3]: Target ally or Hero heals 3 damage.
se009HeroHumanRogueLance Shadowstalker27[4]: Target ally gains Ambush, Stealth and Haste until your next turn.
se010HeroHumanRogueSerena Thoughtripper27[4]: Your weapons gain +2 attack until the end of your turn. If Serena damages a Hero, that player discards a card at random.


se011HeroShadowWarriorTer Adun30[4]: Destroy target item.
se012HeroShadowWarriorLogan Stonebreaker30[3]: Until the end of your turn, your weapons gain +1 attack and any ally dealt damage by them is destroyed.
se013HeroShadowHunterBanebow28[3]: Flaming arrow does 2 damage to up to 2 targets.
se014HeroShadowHunterBaduruu28[5]: Target weapon in your hand is put into play at no cost and gains +1 attack.
se015HeroShadowMageMajiya26[4]: Deal 3 damage to target ally. If that ally ins killed, draw a card.
se016HeroShadowMageGravebone26[4]: Return ant ally from your graveyard back int play.
se017HeroShadowWulvenDarkclaw28[4]: Until the start of your next turn, your weapons have +2 attack and all damage to Darkclaw is reduced to 0.
se018HeroShadowWulvenMoonstalker28[3]: Moonstalker and allies you control cannot be attacked until your next turn.
se019HeroShadowElementalElementalis28[3]: Target ally gains +1 attack and +3 health.
se020HeroShadowElementalZaladar28[4]: Energy blast does 3 damage to up to 2 different targets.

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