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Human Abirities のリスト英語

Call of the Crystal

se131Human Ability - SupportCover of Night3Friendly allies have stealth (they can't be attacked) for the next 2 turns.C100
se132Human AbilityRetreat!2Target ally is returned to its owner's hand.C100
se133Human Ability - AttachmentReinforced Armor2Target friendly ally has all damage to it reduced by 1 while Reinforced Armor is attached.C100
se134Human AbilitySpecial Delivery4Target opposing hero or ally takes 3 damage.C100
se135Human AbilityCampfire Stories2All friendly allies heal 2 damage. Draw a card.C100
se136Human Item - ArtifactGood Ascendant3At the start of each of your turns while Good Ascendant is in play, all friendly allies heal 2 damage. 0: Target Evil Ascendant is destroyed.C100
se137Human AbilityRadiant Sunlight2Target opposing hero loses 2 shadow energy.U200
se138Human AbilityShrine of Negatia1Target item or support ability with cost 4 or less is returned to its controller's hand.U200
se139Human Ability - AttachmentPoor Quality3While Poor Quality is attached to target enemy weapon or armor, it has -1 attack or defense, and loses 1 additional durability when used in combat.C100
se140Human AbilityHonored Dead4If you have at least 3 allies in your graveyard, draw 2 cards and your hero gains +2 health.R400

Dark Prophecies

ex101Human AbilityRejuvenating Ritual1Target hero or ally removes all negative effects.C100
ex102Human Item - ArtifactNurturing Spring3Friendly allies have +1 health while Nurturing Spring is in play. Any player may activate the following ability on their turn: 3SE: Nurturing Spring is destroyed.C100
ex103Human Ability - AttachmentNowhere To Hide3While Nowhere to Hide is attached to target opposing hero or ally, they lose stealth and protector, and opposing allies can't be hidden.C100
ex104Human AbilityDisrupt Aura2Target attachment is returned to its owner's hand, and the hero or ally it was attached to takes 1 damage.C100
ex105Human AbilityWizent's Prayer2Target card in a graveyard and all other cards with the same name in that graveyard are removed from the game. Your hero gains 1 health for each card removed this way.U200
ex106Human Ability - AttachmentBlessed Protection2Target friendly ally has all ability damage to it reduced by 1 for each attachment it has while Blessed Protection is attached.U200
ex107Human Item - ArtifactAscendant of the Hero3All friendly allies with a cost of 5 or more have +1 attack and +1 health while Ascendant of the Hero is in play. (0): Target Ascendant of the Horde is destroyed.U200
ex108Human Ability - SupportOutwitted4For the next 2 turns, allies with a cost of 5 or more can't attack.C100
ex109Human Ability - AttachmentTreasured Heirloom3Target friendly ally has +1 attack while Treasured Heirloom is attached. When Treasured Heirloom is destroyed, you draw 2 cards.R500
ex110Human Ability - Attachment [Unique]A Legend Rises4Target friendly ally has +2 attack, +1 health and is immune to enemy attachments while A Legend Rises is attached.R500

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