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Human Allyのカードリスト

Call of the Crystal

se021Human AllyJasmine Rosecult3342: Target opposing ally can't attack until the end of its controller's next turn.U390
se022Human AllyDirk Saber222Ambush (Attacks by this ally can't be defended.)C100
se023Human AllySandra Trueblade423When Sandra is summoned, target player removes one of their resources from play if their resources are greater than or equal to yours.C100
se024Human AllyLily Rosecult434When Lily is summoned, return the top item from your graveyard to your hand.U200
se025Human AllyKristoffer Wyld111Haste (This ally can attack and use abilities in the turn he is summoned.)C100
se026Human AllyPuwen Bloodhelm223C100
se027Human AllyBirgitte Skullborn102Protector (Allies without protector can't be targeted.)C100
se028Human AllyKurt Whitehelm434Kurt takes 1 less damage from abilities, and has +1 attack when there are 2 or more other friendly allies in play.
se029Human AllyErika Shadowhunter543Stealth (This ally can't be attacked.)U390
se030Human AllyBlake Windrunner231C100
se031Human AllyRaven Wildheart536When an ally is damaged by Raven in combat, that ally's base attack is reduced to 0.U390
se032Human Ally [Unique]Aldon the Brave324Friendly allies have +1 attack on your turn while Aldon is in play.U400
se033Human AllyZoe Silversmith3242: Target weapon you control gains +1 durability.
se034Human AllyKatrin the Shieldmaiden2041: Target friendly ally gains +2 health. This ability can't be used again while that ally is in play.
se035Human AllyPriest of the Light333When Priest of the Light is summoned, opposing heroes lose 1 shadow energy, and your hero gains +1 health.
se036Human AllyArmored Sandworm525All damage to Armored Sandworm is reduced by 2.U200
se037Human AllyMarshland Sentinel4241SE: Target opposing ally is reduced to 0 base attack.U200
se038Human AllyTainted Oracle422When Tainted Oracle is killed, draw 2 cards.R400
se039Human Ally [Unique]Earthen Protector545When a friendly ally is killed while Earthen Protector is alive and can be damaged, that ally is returned to play with +2 base attack and +2 health, and Earthen Protector is killed.R400
se040Human Ally [Unique]Aeon Stormcaller638Protector (Allies without protector can't be targeted.) 3: Target other friendly ally gains +1 base attack and +1 health.E780

Dark prophecies

ex001Human Ally - TwilightTwilight Tribe Herald1110: Target friendly ally gains +1 base attack and +1 health, and Twilight Tribe Herald is killed at the end of your turn.C100
ex002Human AllyGaderi Barbarian334Gaderi Barbarian has +1 attack when attacking allies with a cost of 4 or higher.C100
ex003Human AllyMystic of the Vale4262: Target attachment is returned to its owner's hand.U200
ex004Human AllyArtful Squire425When Artful Squire is summoned, you may choose to destroy target enemy item with a cost of 4 or less and place Artful Squire in your graveyard instead of in play.C100
ex005Human AllyBraxnorian Soldier536Opposing allies do not benefit from haste and allies with 3 health or less cannot attack Braxnorian Soldier.C100
ex006Human AllyLayarian Diplomat222When Layarian Diplomat is summoned, target opposing ally loses all passive abilities until the start of your next turn.U200
ex007Human AllySpirit Warden325While you have 3 or more allies in your graveyard, Spirit Warden has steadfast. 0: Remove target ally in a graveyard from the game.C100
ex008Human AllyRider of Ellos444All combat damage dealt to Rider of Ellos by heroes is reduced to 1. Rider of Ellos has +1 attack when there is at least one other friendly Rider of Ellos in play.C100
ex009Human AllyFleet-footed Messenger315Haste (This ally can attack and use abilities in the turn he is summoned.) 1: Target card in your hand is shuffled into its owner's deck and you draw a card.U200
ex010Human Ally - HomunculusRadiant Wisp314Radiant Wisp has +1 attack and +1 health for each attachment on it. When Radiant Wisp dies, return all attachments on it that you control to your hand.U200
ex011Human Ally [Unique]Champion of Irum213Champion of Irum has +1 attack and +1 health for each opposing ally of cost 3 or more (for a maximum of 2 opposing allies).R500
ex012Human AllyLayarian Seductress324When Layarian Seductress is summoned, target opposing ally is disabled for 1 turn if its controller has resources greater than or equal to yours.R500
ex013Human AllyPaladin of Unaxio536Ice and Fire damage to Paladin of Unaxio and your hero is reduced by 1. 2: Target friendly hero or ally has all negative effects removed.R500
ex014Human Ally [Unique]Wymer the Lionheart435When Wymer the Lionheart kills an opposing ally, all friendly allies gain +1 health.R500
ex015Human Ally - Templar [Unique]Gunther, General of Balor629Steadfast (this ally may only be removed from play if killed.) 1: Until the start of your next turn, friendly allies have +1 attack.E800

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