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Mage のカードリスト英語

Call of the Crystal

se071Mage AbilityFireball3Target opposing hero or ally takes 4 fire damage.C150
se072Mage AbilityFreezing Grip3Target opposing ally is frozen (it can't attack, defend or use abilities) for 3 turns.C100
se073Mage AbilityPoison Gas4Target opposing hero or ally is poisoned (it takes 1 poison damage at the start of each of its controller's turns).C100
se074Mage AbilityLightning Strike4Up to 2 different target opposing heroes or allies take 3 electrical damage.C150
se075Mage AbilityEngulfing Flames4Target opposing hero or ally is set ablaze (it takes 1 fire damage at the start of each of its controller's turns).C100
se076Mage Item - ArtifactTome of Knowledge22: Draw a card.C100
se077Mage Ability - SupportPortal4Allies you summon for the next 3 turns have haste (they can attack and use abilities in the turn they are summoned).U380
se078Mage AbilitySupernova5All heroes and allies take 5 fire damage.U260
se079Mage AbilityArcane Burst4Up to 4 different target opposing heroes or allies take 2 arcane damage.C100
se080Mage AbilityClinging Webs2Target opposing ally is disabled (it can't attack, defend or use abilities) for 2 turns.C100

Dark Prophecies

ex041Mage Item - ArtifactScrying Eye2You can view the top card of every opponent's deck while Scrying Eye is in play. 1SE: Target opponent shuffles his deck.C100
ex042Mage Ability - AttachmentKelvin's Charm3While Kelvin's Charm is attached to target weapon you control, allies dealt combat damage by that weapon are frozen for 2 turns.C100
ex043Mage AbilityMeteor Shower4Target opposing ally takes 3 fire damage, and all opposing allies are set ablaze.C100
ex044Mage Ability - SupportUndying Bond4The top 2 allies in your graveyard are placed in your hand, and your undead allies have +1 attack until the start of your next turn.C100
ex045Mage Ability - AttachmentConsuming Fear2Each time target opposing ally attacks or activates an ability while Consuming Fear is attached, that ally loses 2 base attack and its health is reduced by 2.U200
ex046Mage AllySun-blighted One333When Sun-blighted One enters play, all heroes gain 1 shadow energy and all opposing heroes take 1 damage. If Sun-blighted One enters play from a graveyard, it gains +2 base attack and +1 health.U200
ex047Mage AbilityStatic Shock2Up to 2 different target opposing heroes or allies take 1 electrical damage.C100
ex048Mage Item - ArtifactVoltar's Ring4Electrical damage to opposing heroes and allies is increased by 1. Electrical damage to your hero and friendly allies is reduced by 1.U200
ex049Mage AbilityShatter Ice4All frozen allies are removed from the game.C100
ex050Mage AllyFrosted Urigon535Allies damaged by Urigon in combat are frozen for 1 turn. Urigon can't be frozen and ignores damage by Ice. When Urigon takes fire damage, its base attack is reduced by 1.R500

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