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Priest のリスト英語

Call of the Crystal

se091Priest AbilityHealing Touch3Target friendly hero or ally heals 4 damage and has all enemy attachments and negative effects removed.C100
se092Priest Ability - AttachmentInner Strength3Target friendly ally has +2 attack while Inner Strength is attached.C100
se093Priest AbilityTidal Wave5All allies are killed.U210
se094Priest AbilityIce Storm3All opposing allies take 2 ice damage.C100
se095Priest AbilityFocused Prayer3Target enemy item or support ability is destroyed.C100
se096Priest AbilityResurrection3All allies in your graveyard are returned to the top of your deck.C100
se097Priest Ability - AttachmentHoly Shield3Target friendly hero or ally takes no damage and can't be killed until the start of your next turn.C100
se098Priest AbilityPlague4Target opposing player removes 2 resources from play, leaving a minimum of 2. Remove one of your resources from play.U200
se099Priest AbilitySmite3Target opposing hero or ally takes 3 arcane damage.C100
se100Priest Item - ArtifactBook of Curses3Opposing allies have -1 attack while Book of Curses is in play.C100

Dark Prophecies

ex061Priest Ability - AttachmentSacred Fire Walker3While Sacred Fire Walker is attached to target friendly ally, it is immune to fire damage and enemies that enter combat with it take 1 arcane damage and 1 fire damage.C100
ex062Priest AbilityForgiveness2Place the bottom card of your resource pile into your hand. Your hero gains 1 shadow energy and you gain 1 resource.C100
ex063Priest AllyDevoted Lightbearer324Your 5 cost or more allies cost 1 less to summon. While Devoted Lightbearer bears an attachment he has steadfast.C100
ex064Priest AbilityBanish4Target ally is shuffled into its owner's deck.U200
ex065Priest AbilityMass Purification5Destroy all attachments.C100
ex066Priest Item - ArtifactIncense of Atonement2When an attachment is summoned while Incense of Atonement is in play, all opposing heroes take 1 arcane damage.C100
ex067Priest Ability - AttachmentDivine Connection2While Divine Connection is attached to your hero, the cost of your attachments are reduced by 1 and your attachments on friendly allies are shuffled back into your deck when destroyed.U200
ex068Priest Ability - AttachmentLingering Essence2Each time you target and destroy an attachment while Lingering Essence is attached to your hero, your hero gains 1 shadow energy and heals 3 damage.C100
ex069Priest Ally [Unique]Elizabeth Winterborn405Elizabeth has +2 attack when damaged. If Elizabeth is undamaged at the end of your turn, draw a card.R500
ex070Priest AllyKnight of the Golden Dawn546When Knight of the Golden Dawn is healed, your hero heals the same amount. Knight of the Golden Dawn has +1 attack for each attachment it bears.U200

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