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Rogue のリスト英語

Call of the Crystal

se101Rogue AbilityAssassination3Target friendly ally that is not exhausted, disabled or frozen kills target opposing ally and is then exhausted.C100
se102Rogue Ability - SupportReconnaissance3Look at target opponent's hand. Draw a card. Your allies have +1 attack until the end of your turn.C100
se103Rogue WeaponThrowing Knife414Ambush (Attacks by your hero with this weapon can't be defended.)C100
se104Rogue Ability - AttachmentSorcerous Poison2While Sorcerous Poison is attached to target weapon you control, heroes and allies damaged in combat by your hero are poisoned.C100
se105Rogue AbilityStop, Thief!4Target enemy item is destroyed, and you gain one resource.U200
se106Rogue Item - ArtifactAssassin's Cloak30: Friendly allies have ambush (their attacks can't be defended) until the end of your turn.C100
se107Rogue Item - ArtifactIll-Gotten Gains4When an opposing ally is killed or enemy item is destroyed while Ill-Gotten Gains is in play, draw a card.U200
se108Rogue Ability - SupportLay Low3Your hero and allies can't attack and are hidden (they and their attachments can't be targeted) until the end of your next turn.C100
se109Rogue AbilityMugged!3Target opposing ally is disabled (it can't attack, defend or use abilities) for 1 turn. Draw a card.C100
se110Rogue AllyNightshade212Ambush (Attacks by this ally can't be defended.) Stealth (This ally can't be attacked.)C100

Dark Prophecies

ex071Rogue AllyNight Owl332While any opposing player controls a number of allies equal to or greater than you, Night Owl has stealth. When Night Owl is killed, draw a card.C100
ex072Rogue Ability - AttachmentSilent Strike2Draw a card. Target friendly ally has stealth and ambush until the start of your next turn.C100
ex073Rogue Ability - AttachmentElicit Information4Attach to your hero. When an opponent discards a card from their hand to the graveyard, you draw a card.C100
ex074Rogue Ability - AttachmentGood Contacts3While Good Contacts is attached to your hero, Rogue allies cost you 1 less resource to summon.C100
ex075Rogue Item - ArtifactVozitian Orders30: The next time you play an ally this turn, return target other friendly ally to your hand.U200
ex076Rogue Ability - SupportPay Day3For the next 2 turns, opponents who start their turn with 4 or more cards in their hand discard one card at random.C100
ex077Rogue Ally [Unique]Lyra Blackrose434When an opponent uses shadow energy while Lyra is in play, they discard a random card from their hand.R500
ex078Rogue AbilityProcured and Restored3Target item in a graveyard is placed into your hand.C100
ex079Rogue AbilitySmoke Screen4Exhaust your hero to make all opposing allies disabled for one turn. Draw a card.U200
ex080Rogue Ally [Unique]Agent Rex212Stealth. 3: Target enemy artifact is now under your control and Agent Rex is shuffled into his owner's deck.U200

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