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Shadow Abirities のリスト英語

Call of the Crystal

se141Shadow Ability - SupportBloodlust3All friendly allies have +2 attack until the end of your turn.u260
se142Shadow AbilityHere Be Monsters3Target player removes one of their resources from play if their resources are greater than or equal to yours. Draw a card.C100
se143Shadow AbilityShadowspawn4All heroes lose their stored shadow energy and take 2 damage.C100
se144Shadow AbilityShriek of Vengeance1Target enemy item or support ability with a cost of 4 or less is destroyed, and one of your resources is removed from play.C100
se145Shadow Item - ArtifactEvil Ascendant3At the start of each of your turns, all allies take 1 damage. 0: Target Good Ascendant is destroyed.C100
se146Shadow Item - ArtifactBloodstone Altar2Friendly allies that are damaged have +1 attack while Bloodstone Altar is in play.C100
se147Shadow Ability - AttachmentSelfishness2Target opposing ally loses protector and defender, and can't be targeted by its controller while Selfishness is attached.C100
se148Shadow AbilityAcid Jet4Target enemy weapon or armor loses 3 durability.C100
se149Shadow AbilityShadow Font4Your hero gains +3 shadow energy.C100
se150Shadow AbilitySacrificial Lamb2Target friendly ally that can be damaged is killed. Draw cards equal to that ally's cost, to a maximum of 3.U200

Dark Prophecies

ex111Shadow Ability - AttachmentMindless Ferocity2While Mindless Ferocity is attached to target friendly ally, it has +2 attack and may not activate abilities.C100
ex112Shadow Item - ArtifactContaminated Water3Opposing allies have -1 health while Contaminated Water is in play. Any player may activate the following ability on their turn: 3SE: Contaminated Water is destroyed.C100
ex113Shadow Ability - SupportNocturnal Advantage3Until the end of your turn, opposing heroes and allies lose stealth and can't be hidden, and your allies have +1 attack and ambush.C100
ex114Shadow Ability - AttachmentBloodthirsty3While Bloodthirsty is attached to target friendly ally, that ally has +1 attack and each time it kills an opposing ally it gains +1 base attack and you draw a card.R500
ex115Shadow Ability - AttachmentAura of Retribution2Target friendly ally deals 2 damage to every opposing hero or ally that leaves combat with it while Aura of Retribution is attached.C100
ex116Shadow Item - ArtifactAscendant of the Horde2All damage to friendly allies of cost 2 or less is reduced by 1. (0): Target Ascendant of the Hero is destroyed.U200
ex117Shadow Item - ArtifactArthyle's Crypt23: The topmost ally in your graveyard is placed on top of your deck.U200
ex118Shadow Ability - AttachmentFlesh Infusion2Target friendly ally has +1 attack for every attachment on it while Flesh Infusion is attached, and when it is killed, its killer takes 1 damage.C100
ex119Shadow Ability - AttachmentBlackened Heart3Target friendly ally is immune to abilities activated with shadow energy while Blackened Heart is attached. When the bearer is targeted by an opponent's ability, that opponent's hero loses 2 shadow energy.U200
ex120Shadow AbilityA Legend Falls4Target opposing ally with 3 or more attack loses all attachments and has its health reduced by 3.R500

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