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Shadow Allyのカードリスト英語

Call of the Crystal

se041Shadow AllyDeathbone322When Deathbone is killed, its killer takes 2 damage.C100
se042Shadow AllyKeldor3242: Keldor has +2 attack until the start of your next turn.C150
se043Shadow AllyInfernal Gargoyle324All damage to Infernal Gargoyle is reduced by 1.C100
se044Shadow AllyBrutalis214C100
se045Shadow AllyPlasma Behemoth5353: Target opposing hero or ally takes 4 damage.C150
se046Shadow AllyChimera4251: Chimera has +3 attack and is reduced by 3 health until the start of your next turn.U250
se047Shadow AllyFire Snake112C100
se048Shadow AllyBelladonna442When Belladonna is summoned, draw a card.C100
se049Shadow Ally [Wulven]Bad Wolf334Bad Wolf heals 1 damage at the start of each of its controller's turns.U250
se050Shadow AllyMedusil3341: Target opposing ally can't defend until the end of your turn.U250
se051Shadow AllyHellsteed102The first other friendly ally to attack during your turn does +1 damage.C100
se052Shadow AllyDark Flayer221Defender (This ally attacks first when defending.)C100
se053Shadow Ally [Unique]Death Mage Thaddeus304When Thaddeus is summoned, target opposing hero or ally takes 1 damage. 0: Target opposing hero or ally takes 2 damage.U200
se054Shadow AllyCarniboar222When Carniboar kills an ally in combat, it gains +1 base attack and +1 health.U200
se055Shadow AllyShadow Knight554When Shadow Knight is summoned, the top ally in your graveyard is returned to your hand.U200
se056Shadow AllyCobra Demon415Defender. Allies damaged by Cobra Demon are poisoned. 1SE: Target opposing ally takes 1 damage.
se057Shadow AllyMolten Destroyer545Molten Destroyer deals 1 fire damage to any hero or ally that damages it. Allies that enter combat with Molten Destroyer are set ablaze.
se058Shadow AllyBrutal Minotaur566When Brutal Minotaur is killed, its controller takes 2 damage.R400
se059Shadow Ally [Wulven]Wulven Tracker424When Wulven Tracker deals combat damage, draw a card.
se060Shadow Ally [Unique]Ogloth the Glutton636When an ally is killed, Ogloth gains +1 base attack and +1 health. 3: Target other ally with cost less than Ogloth's current attack is killed.

Dark Prophecies

ex016Shadow Ally - HomunculusRotling111When Rotling is summoned, you may remove from the game target ally in a graveyard to give Rotling +1 base attack and +1 health.C100
ex017Shadow AllyTwisted Familiar213Opposing heroes or allies that deal ability damage to Twisted Familiar take 1 damage. 0: 2 used resources are renewed, and Twisted Familiar is killed at the end of your turn.C100
ex018Shadow AllyIronhide Karash222If combat damage dealt to Ironhide Karash is 2 or less, that damage is reduced to 0.C100
ex019Shadow Ally - RavagerBloodstained Marauder324Bloodstained Marauder has +X attack where X is the difference between its current health and maximum health.C100
ex020Shadow Ally - WulvenWulven Predator334Wulven Predator ignores stealth and protector when attacking.C100
ex021Shadow AllyDisciple of Aldmor426Disciple of Aldmor is immune to abilities activated with shadow energy.U200
ex022Shadow AllyRust Weevil324Weapons that deal combat damage to Rust Weevil lose an additional point of durability. If Rust Weevil is killed by a weapon, that weapon is destroyed.C100
ex023Shadow AllyMagma Jackal433When Magma Jackal is killed by an ally, destroy that ally.U200
ex024Shadow AllyMorbid Acolyte3252: Target opposing ally loses all passive abilities until the start of your next turn while Morbid Acolyte is in play.U200
ex025Shadow AllyDarkwood Wraith525When Darkwood Wraith is summoned, target ally with a cost of 3 or less is returned to its owner's hand.U200
ex026Shadow Ally - UndeadDeath Collector3342: Target ally in a graveyard is removed from the game and Death Collector gains +1 base attack and +1 health.R500
ex027Shadow Ally - WulvenWulven Savage422All combat damage dealt to Wulven Savage is reduced to 0.R500
ex028Shadow AllyFurrion Terror543When Furrion Terror is summoned, all allies in play take 2 fire damage. Furrion terror is immune to fire damage. If damaged by ice or frozen, Furrion Terror is killed.R500
ex029Shadow AllyIo Void Leviathon524When shadow energy is used by any player, Io Void Leviathan gains +1 base attack and +1 health.R500
ex030Shadow Ally [Unique]Kairos Doombringer647Steadfast. When your hero is attacked and the attacker survives, Kairos attacks that hero or ally if he is able to.E800

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