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Weapon のリスト英語

Call of the Crystal

se181Hero WeaponMournblade504When an ally is killed, Mournblade gains +1 base attack up to a maximum of 5.R460
se182Hero WeaponDimension Ripper523When your hero deals combat damage while Dimension Ripper is in play, each player in combat draws a card from the other player's deck.E620
se183Hero WeaponBerserker's Edge514When your hero deals combat damage, Berserker's Edge gains +1 base attack.R460
se184Hero WeaponJeweler's Dream414When your hero attacks while Jeweler's Dream is in play, 2 used resources are renewed.R460
se185Hero Weapon - BowSoul Seeker524When your hero kills an ally in combat while Soul Seeker is in play, your hero heals 3 damage.E750
se186Hero Weapon - BowGuardian's Oath515Your hero has defender (attacks first when defending) while Guardian's Oath is in play. Guardian's Oath does +1 damage when your hero defends.R450
se187Hero Weapon - BowBeetle Demon Bow4142SE: Beetle Demon Bow becomes an ally with 3 base attack and 5 health.R480
se188Hero WeaponRusty Longsword322When Rusty Longsword is summoned, your hero takes 1 damage.R200
se189Hero WeaponWrath of Summer5141SE: Target opposing ally takes 1 fire damage and is set ablaze.R460
se190Hero WeaponVoice of Winter514Allies summoned while Voice of Winter is in play are frozen (can't attack, defend or use abilities) for 2 turns.R460
se191Hero WeaponWooden Staff315Your hero can't attack while Wooden Staff is in play.R200
se192Hero WeaponSliver of Shadow322When Sliver of Shadow is summoned, your hero loses 1 shadow energy.R200
se193Hero WeaponWizent's Staff4141SE: Draw a card.R460
se194Hero WeaponGolden Katar522Golden Katar doesn't lose durability when your hero defends.R400
se195Hero WeaponGhostmaker613When your hero damages another hero in combat while Ghostmaker is in play, the top ally from your graveyard is returned to play with 1 health.R400
se196Hero WeaponOld Iron Dagger312Old Iron Dagger does +1 damage when your hero defends.R200
se197Hero WeaponUprooted Tree414Hero armor doesn't reduce the damage done in combat by your hero while Uprooted Tree is in play.R400
se198Hero WeaponAnklebreaker524When your hero damages an ally in combat while Anklebreaker is in play, that ally loses 1 base attack and is disabled for 1 turn.R400
se199Hero WeaponFangs of the Predator524When your hero kills an ally in combat while Fangs of the Predator is in play, all your Wulven allies have +1 attack until the end of the turn.E600
se200Hero WeaponDagger of Unmaking514When your hero deals non-fatal damage to an ally in combat while Dagger of Unmaking is in play, that ally is returned to its owner's hand.E600

Dark Prophecies

ex141HunterFeathered Longbow312When Feathered Longbow is summoned, if any opposing player has resources equal to or greater than you it gains +1 attack and +1 durability.U200
ex142MageStaff of Disintegration4121SE: Target weapon or armor loses 2 durability.R500
ex143MageWand of Izikus4131SE: Target item you control loses all special text and becomes an ally with 2 attack and 4 health.R500
ex144Hunter, WulvenCrescent of Doom414Crescent of Doom does +1 damage to allies. While Crescent of Doom is in play, allies cost 1 additional resource to summon.R500
ex145HunterGrundler's Double625Grundler's Double ignores stealth when attacking. If there is exactly 1 friendly ally in play when you end your turn, draw a cardE800
ex146WarriorDragon's Tooth613The attack value of Dragon's Tooth can't be increased. When your hero attacks an ally with cost 5 or more, that ally is killed.E800
ex147ElementalShadowvein624When Shadowvein deals damage, each hero gains 1 shadow energy.R500
ex148Warrior, WulvenSpectral Sabre422When Spectral Sabre is summoned, you may destroy target attachment and place Spectral Sabre in your graveyard instead of in play.U200
ex149PriestMadelain's Scepter6240: If your hero attacked this turn, target opposing ally takes 2 arcane damage.E800
ex150RogueFan of Blades614Your hero may attack up to four different targets each turn. When Fan of Blades is destroyed, draw a card.E800

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