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Wulven のリスト英語

Call of the Crystal

se111Wulven Ability - AttachmentCaptured Prey3Target opposing ally is disabled (it can't attack, defend or use abilities) while Captured Prey is attached.C100
se112Wulven AllyPack Wolf223Pack Wolf has +1 attack for every other friendly Pack Wolf in play.C100
se113Wulven AbilityNow You're Mine2Target opposing ally with cost 3 or less is killed.C100
se114Wulven Ability - AttachmentSpeedstrike3Your hero may attack 2 times on each of your turns while Speedstrike is attached.C100
se115Wulven WeaponWhat Big Teeth31999C100
se116Wulven AbilityRegeneration3Your hero heals 4 damage and has all enemy attachments and negative effects removed.C100
se117Wulven Ability - SupportFull Moon4Until the start of your next turn, friendly allies have +2 attack and your hero takes no damage.U200
se118Wulven AbilityRabid Bite4Target opposing ally attacks a random opposing hero or ally if it is able to, and is disabled (can't attack, defend or use abilities) for 1 turn.U270
se119Wulven Ability - AttachmentLone Wolf4Your hero heals 2 damage at the start of each of your turns while Lone Wolf is attached and there are no friendly allies in play.C100
se120Wulven Ability - AttachmentPack Alpha4Target friendly Wulven ally has +2 attack and +3 health while Pack Alpha is attached. If Pack Alpha is destroyed, allies you control gain +1 health.C100

Dark Prophecies

ex081Wulven Ability - SupportBlood Moon2For the next 3 turns, you draw a card at the end of your turn if your hero doesn't have stealth.U200
ex082Wulven Ability - AttachmentThick Hide3While Thick hide is attached to your hero, ability damage dealt to your hero on your turn is reduced to 0.C100
ex083Wulven Ability - SupportRipping Fury2For the next 3 turns, your weapons do +1 damage while in combat with allies.C100
ex084Wulven Ability - AttachmentLost in the Woods2Target ally has all attachments on it destroyed. That ally is hidden and is disabled until the end of its controller’s next turn.C100
ex085Wulven Ability - AttachmentUnstoppable2While Unstoppable is attached to your hero and there are at least 3 friendly allies in play, your weapons have +1 attack.C100
ex086Wulven AllyTiger Wulf5453: Target item or ally is destroyed, and Tiger Wulf is killed at the end of your turn.U200
ex087Wulven AllyLightning Hunter434Haste. When Lightning Hunter is summoned, all your support abilities are destroyed and your hero loses 1 shadow energy.U200
ex088Wulven Ability - SupportCall of the Pack3In 3 turns, Call of the Pack is destroyed. 0: If you have no allies in play, target Wulven ally in your hand with cost 3 or less is summoned at no cost.C100
ex089Wulven Ability - SupportBlinding Storm4For the next 3 turns, ability damage to your allies that have stealth is reduced by 2.C100
ex090Wulven Ally [Unique]Howlfang, Terror of the Vale655Other friendly Wulven allies have +1 attack on your turn. When Howlfang is summoned, you may summon a Wulven ally of cost 3 or lower for free.R500

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