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Campaigns Card List

Many Class Ally

Card NoRarityNameClassTypeSubtypeAtk TypeUniqueCostATKHPAbility
cp001RPack Outcast?Warrior, WulvenAllyWulvenClaw214Ambush.While Pack Outcast is the only ally you control, it has defender.
When Pack Outcast is targeted by an ability, it has +1 attack until the start of your next turn.
cp002RKeeper of the Mystic Flame?Mage, PriestAllyarcaneUnipue426When an opposing ally is targeted by an ability on your turn, its controller takes 1 fire damege.
0SE: If an opposing ally was targeted by an ability this turn, 2 used resouces are renewed.
cp003RLightning Elemental?Mage, ElementalAllyElectric231When Lightning Elemental is killed, the opposing ally with the lowest health takes X electrical damage, where X is the amount of shadow energy your hero has stored, to a maximum of 4.
cp004RSlithering Viper?Hunter, RogueAllyWildClaw423Stealth. When Slithering Viper enters play or is discarded from anywhere, the opposing ally with the highest attack is poisoned and disabled for 1 turn.
cp005RArcane Anomaly?Priest, ElementalAllyArcane324When Arcane Anomaly is summoned, target opposing ally takes X arcane damage, where X is the number of cards you have summoned this turn.
cp006RCrimsoneye the Deceiver?Rogue, WulvenAllyWulvenClawUnique527Ambush.
2: Until the end of the turn, when Crimsoneye leaves combat with a damaged opposing ally, that ally attacks another random opposing ally if able.

Human Ally

Card NoRarityNameFactionTypeSubtypeAtk TypeUniqueCostATKHPAbility
cp007ULayarian Knight?HumanAlly223All combat damage to Layarian Knight from allies with sword or claw attack is reduced by 1. All ability damage to Layarian Knight is increased by 1.
cp008RLayarian Sentinel?HumanAlly334Defender (When this ally is attacked, the attacker takes combat damage first.) Layarian Sentinel does -2 combat damage while attacking.

Shadow Ally

Card NoRarityNameFactionTypeSubtypeAtk TypeUniqueCostATKHPAbility
cp009UPhaedon Barbarian?ShadowAlly444When your hero kills an ally in combat while you control a weapon with sword or claw attack, Phaedon Barbarian is readied.
cp010RPhaedon Commander?ShadowAlly555When Phaedon Commander is summoned, target other friendly Shadow ally has all negative effects removed, takes 1 damage and gains +1 base attack.

Neutral Ally

Card NoRarityNameFactionTypeSubtypeAtk TypeUniqueCostAtkHPAbility
cp011CWild Boar?NeutralAllyWildClaw222Wild Boar has +1 attack while attacking allies.
cp012CBlack Adder?NeutralAllyWildClaw213When Black Adder attacks an ally, that ally is poisoned (it takes 1 poison damage at the start of each of its controller's turns).
cp013URed-Eyed Worg?NeutralAllyWildClaw3241: Red-Eyed Worg attacks target opposing damaged ally if able.
cp014CTreetop Spider?NeutralAllyWildClaw213Ambush. (Attacks by this ally can't be defended.)
cp015CForest Serpent?NeutralAllyWildClaw324Ambush. (Attacks by this ally can't be defended.)
cp016UDarkwood Panther?NeutralAllyWildClaw425While Darkwood Panther is undamaged, it has stealth. (This ally can't be attacked if it has no damage to be healed.)
cp017CCave Spider?NeutralAllyWildClaw212Stealth. (This ally can't be attacked.)
cp018CMountain Wolf?NeutralAllyWildClaw333Mountain Wolf has +1 attack for each other friendly Wild ally.
cp019UGreat Bear?NeutralAllyWildClaw435Great Bear has +2 attack while attacking allies with cost 4 or less.
cp020CCaravan Smuggler?NeutralAllyOutlaw215When Caravan Smuggler is killed, the active player gains 1 resource.
cp021CEastroad Bandit?NeutralAllyOutlaw334Meek (this ally can't attack heroes). When Eastroad Bandit kills an ally, you gain 1 resource.
cp022UWinthill Assailer?NeutralAllyOutlaw4252: Target ally with cost 3 or less is killed.
cp023CMasked Bandit?NeutralAllyOutlaw214Masked Bandit has +1 attack while attacking. When your turn ends while Masked Bandit is damaged, he is shuffled into his owner's deck.
cp024CPillaging Arsonist?NeutralAllyOutlaw313At the end of each of your turns, all allies without Outlaw alignment take 1 fire damage.
cp025UBrigand Captain?NeutralAllyOutlaw426Other friendly Outlaw allies have +1 attack.
cp026EDarklight Timelord?NeutralAllyAldmorClaw626Haste.
2SE: Target card in a graveyard is placed on top of its owner's resource pile: the bottom card of that resource pile is placed in your hand.
cp027RWinged Redeemer?NeutralAllyClaw527When Winged Redeemer is summoned, target enemy support ability is exiled (removed from the game). When Winged Redeemer enters play, draw a card if your hand is empty.
cp028UResolute Hornbeam?NeutralAllyClaw536Steadfast (this ally can't leave play unless it is killed). At the end of each of your turns, draw a card if your hand is empty.
cp029CStampeding Rhino?NeutralAllyWildClaw727Haste. While Stampeding Rhino is attacking an ally, combat damage to that ally is doubled.
cp030EUru, King of Beasts?NeutralAllyWildClawUnique536When a friendly Wild ally enters play, it has defender until the start of your next turn.
While Uru in the only Wild ally you control, Wild allies cost you 2 less resources to summon.
2SE: Seek a Wild ally.
cp031CSouthroad Mercenary?NeutralAllyOutlaw304When a resource enters play of leaves play, Southroad Mercenary gains +1 base attack and +1 health (max twice per turn).
cp032CWestroad Beggar?NeutralAllyOutlaw3250: 1 of your resources is removed from play: draw a card.
cp033CNorthroad Thief?NeutralAllyOutlaw535When Northroad Thief enters play, she has stealth until the start of your next turn.
2: Target friendly Outlaw ally is shuffled into its owner's deck: draw 2 cards from target opponent's deck.
cp034ESkyra, Dalton's Enforcer?NeutralAllyOutlawUnique646Steadfast. Skyra costs 2 less resources to summon while you have shuffled your deck at least twice this turn.
When Dalton is summoned, Skyra is readied.
cp035UDelavel, Crossroads Baron?NeutralAllyOutlawUnique426Shroud (when targeted by an ability, that ability has no effect and shroud is lost).
1SE: Target card in your hand is placed on top of your resource pile: draw a card.
cp040CKiller Bee?NeutralAllyWildClaw222When Killer Bee is summoned, it attacks the opposing ally with the lowest health if able.
When Killer Bee deals combat damage to an ally, that ally is poisoned and Killer Bee is killed.
cp044RDalton, Outlaw Mastermind?NeutralAllyOutlawUnique222Defender. When Dalton is summoned while your deck has been shuffled this turn, 2 used resources are renewed.
2: Dalton is shuffled into his owner's deck: all friendly Outlaw allies gain +1 base attack.

Neutral Ability

Card NoRarityNameFactionTypeSubtypeUniqueCostDURAbility
cp036CCall of the Wild?NeutralAbilitySupport4Duration 1. When Call of the Wild is summoned, draw 2 cards. The next 3 Wild allies you summon this turn each cost you 2 less resources. Friendly Wild allies have +1 attack.
cp037EObsidian Pendant?NeutralItemArtifact14: Target item or ability is destroyed and your hero loses 1 shadow energy. Obsidian Pendant is exiled.
cp038COutlaws' Hideout?NeutralItemArtifact3When your deck is shuffled while you control no non-Outlaw allies, draw a card (max twice per turn).
0: Target friendly Outlaw ally is shuffled into its owner's deck: 2 used resources are renewed.
cp039CHit ant Run?NeutralAbilityAttachment1Attach to target friendly Outlaw ally. Opposing allies dealt combat damage by that ally are killed.
At the end of your turn, Hit ant Run is exiled and the ally it was attached to si shuffled into its owner's deck.
cp041CPoisoned Well?NeutralItemArtifact1At the start of your turn, take 1 poison damage for each item you control and Poisoned Well is destroyed.
2: Target player takes control of Poisoned Well and takes 1 poison damage.
cp042UHigher Ground?NeutralAbilitySupport2Duration 3. Friendly allies with defender have +1 attack.
2: Target opposing ally attacks target friendly ally if able.
cp043CBy The Sword?NeutralAbilitySupport2Duration 3. Friendly allies with sword attack gain +1 base attack and +1 health at the end of the turn they were summoned.
cp045CGladiator's Glory?NeutralAbilityAttachment2Attach to target weapon you control. When your hero kills an ally in combat, draw a card.
cp046CCage Match?NeutralAbility1Target friendly ally and target opposing ally take damage equal to each other's attack.
cp047CBlood Rushu?NeutralAbilityAttachment2Attach to your hero. Friendly allies take 1 damage and gain +1 base attack at the end of the turn they were summoned.


Card NoRarityNameClassTypeSubtypeCostDURDEFAbility
cp048CGladiator's Breastplate?AllItemArmor322When Gladiator's Breastplate enters play, your hero and friendly allies have defender until the start of your next turn.
0SE: Target opposing ally attacks your hero if able.


Card NoRarityNameClassTypeSubtypeAtk TypeCostATKDURAbility
cp049CBarbarian's Bludgeon?Warrior, Rogue, WulvenItemWeapon623When Barbarian's Bludgeon is summoned, target enemy item loses 2 durability or is destroyed if it has no durability.
When an enemy item loses 1 or more durability, its controller takes 1 damage.


Card NoRarityNameFactionTypeSubtypeTurnAbility
cp050UColosseum: Vull's Battle ArenaNeutralLocationPhaed54: Target ally in your hand enters play, it attacks the opposing ally with the highest attack if able, and it is killed at the start of your next turn.

3: Target friendly ally gains +2 base attack.


Card NoRarityNameFactionTypeSubtypeAtk TypeUniqueCostATKHPAbility
cp051LKion the Magnificent?HumanAllyUnique748Steadfast. Opposing heroes and allies lose stealth and hidden on the turn Kion enters play. All damage to friendly allies is reduced by 1.
cp052LVull the Insatiable?ShadowAllyUnique748Steadfast. Opposing heroes and allies lose stealth and hidden on the turn Vull enters play. All damage to opposing allies is increased by 1.
cp053LDark Riding Hood?NeutralAllyWulvenUnique424Other Wulven and Wild allies have +1 attack.
When Dark Riding Hood deals combat damage, draw a card from each opposing player's deck.
cp054LHypnogician?NeutralAllyUnique316While a card you own is in an opposing player's hand, Hypnogician has steadfast and can't be attacked.
0SE: Target card in your hand is exchanged with a card in an opposing player's hand at random.
cp055LGorlak the Vicious?Warrior, HunterAllyKrugalBowUnique627When Gorlak or your hero kills an ally in combat, all friendly heroes and allies heal 1 damage and all friendly allies gain +1 base attack.
Gorlak and your weapons have +1 attack while attacking allies.
cp056LCoran, Darkhand?NeutralAllyWulvenUnique417Ambush. When your hero leaves combat with an opposing ally on your turn, that ally attacks its hero if able.
When an opposing ally is killed in combat, its controller exiles the top card of their deck.
cp057LThu'full, the Bone Titan?ShadowAllyUndeadFireUnique745Steadfast. For each Undead ally in your graveyard, Thu'full costs you 1 less resource to summon.
When Thu'full is summoned, the top Undead ally in your graveyard with cost 3 or less is returned to play.
cp058LAgnar, Flameborn Insurgent?ShadowAllyRavagerUnique305When a friendly Ravager ally enters play, all heroes and allies take 1 fire damage.
When a friendly Ravager ally is dealt damage on your turn, that ally gains +1 base attack.

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