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Warrior のリスト英語

Call of the Crystal

se061Warrior Ability - SupportValiant Defender2Friendly allies can't be attacked for the next 2 turns.C100
se062Warrior Item - ArtifactReserve Weapon5Your weapons have +1 attack while Reserve Weapon is in play. 0: Target weapon in your graveyard is returned to play with +1 base attack, and Reserve Weapon is destroyed.U200
se063Warrior Item - ArtifactWar Banner3Friendly allies have +1 attack while War Banner is in play.C100
se064Warrior AbilitySmashing Blow3Target enemy weapon or armor is destroyed.C100
se065Warrior Ability - AttachmentEnrage4Your hero has +10 health while Enrage is attached.C100
se066Warrior Ability - AttachmentWarrior Training2Target friendly ally is a protector (allies without protector can't be targeted) while Warrior Training is attached.C100
se067Warrior Ability - AttachmentCrippling Blow2Target opposing ally has a maximum attack of 0 while Crippling Blow is attached.C100
se068Warrior Ability - AttachmentRampage4When an opposing ally is killed while Rampage is attached to your hero, your hero heals 2 damage.U220
se069Warrior AbilityShield Bash3Target opposing ally takes 3 damage.C100
se070Warrior Ability - AttachmentBlood Frenzy3At the start of each of your turns while Blood Frenzy is attached to your hero, your hero takes 1 damage and you draw a card.C100

Dark Prophecies

ex031Warrior Ability - AttachmentAlert and Able1Until your next turn, target friendly ally has defender and +1 attack, and an additional +1 attack when it is the only friendly ally in play.C100
ex032Warrior Ability - SupportBattle Hardened2Until the start of your next turn, friendly allies have defender and all damage to friendly allies is reduced by 1.C100
ex033Warrior AllyBraxnorian Veteran434When Braxnorian Veteran is summoned, you may return target Warrior attachment in your graveyard to your hand.C100
ex034Warrior Ability - AttachmentLythite Coating3Target armor gains +1 durability, and while Lythite Coating is attached it can only be destroyed by having its durability reduced to 0.C100
ex035Warrior Item - ArtifactSmith Shop2Your weapons and armor cost 1 less resource to play.C100
ex036Warrior AllyCountess Rasmina222When attacked by a hero, Rasmina has defender. If Rasmina damages a hero, that hero's weapons are returned to its owner's hand.U200
ex037Warrior AbilityKilling Spree2If your hero killed an ally during combat this turn, your hero is readied.C100
ex038Warrior Ally - YariYari Spearman314Protector. Yari Spearman has +1 attack and +1 health for every other friendly Yari in play.U200
ex039Warrior AllyWild Berserker524Wild Beserker does +2 damage to allies in combat. While an opponent controls more allies in play than you do, Wild Berserker has haste.R500
ex040Warrior AllyStalwart Battleguard434When Stalwart Battleguard is the only ally you control, he has +2 attack and +2 health.U200

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