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Hunter のリスト英語

Call of the Crystal

se081Hunter Ability - AttachmentAimed Shot2Target bow you control has +1 attack while Aimed Shot is attached.C100
se082Hunter AbilityPoison Arrow2Target opposing ally is poisoned and is disabled for 1 turn.C100
se083Hunter AbilityFlaming Arrow3Target opposing ally takes 2 fire damage that can't be reduced by ally or armor abilities, and is set ablaze.C100
se084Hunter Ability - AttachmentRapid Fire5Your hero may attack 2 times on each your turns while Rapid Fire is attached.U200
se085Hunter Item - TrapDeath Trap3Play face down. The next opposing ally to be summoned is killed.U250
se086Hunter Ability - AttachmentInto the Forest1Your hero is hidden (it and its attachments can't be targeted) until the start of your next turn.C100
se087Hunter Item - ArtifactBattle Plans2You can view the top card of your deck while Battle Plans is in play. 1: Move the top card of your deck to the bottom.C100
se088Hunter Ability - AttachmentSurprise Attack3Target friendly ally has ambush while Surprise Attack is attached, and when that ally deals combat damage, draw a card.C100
se089Hunter Item - TrapNet Trap2Play face down. The next opposing ally to be summoned is disabled (it can't attack, defend or use abilities) for 3 turns.C100
se090Hunter Item - ArtifactTracking Gear3You can view the hands of opposing players while Tracking Gear is in play.C100

Dark Prophecies

ex051Hunter Item - TrapRolling Boulders3Play face down. When an opponent puts an ally into play with a cost 5 or more, it is returned to their hand and you draw a card.C100
ex052Hunter Item - TrapSnare Trap2Play face down. When an opponent summons an ally with a cost of 3 or less, remove that ally and Snare Trap from the game.C100
ex053Hunter Ability - AttachmentBounty Hunter2When an opposing disabled or poisoned ally is killed while Bounty Hunter is attached to your hero, you gain 1 resource.C100
ex054Hunter AbilityChange of Plans2Target player shuffles their hand back into their deck, and draws the same number of cards.C100
ex055Hunter Ability - AttachmentSurvivalist4When an item you control is destroyed while Survivalist is attached to your hero, you draw a card.C100
ex056Hunter Item - TrapEnchanted Forest2Play face down. The next opposing ability to be summoned is canceled and returned to its owner's hand instead.C100
ex057Hunter Ally [Unique]Jade of the Forest3342SE: Until the start of your next turn, Jade of the Forest is hidden.U200
ex058Hunter Ally [Unique]Wendith Eagle-eye535Ambush (her attacks can't be defended). Your weapons deal +1 damage to allies while Wendith is in play.R500
ex059Hunter AbilityThe Perfect Shot4Target opposing ally is reduced to 1 health.U200
ex060Hunter AllyMaster Trapsetter1122: Until the end of the turn, the next trap you summon costs 3 less resources (to a minimum of 0).U200

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